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Lessons 3rd Grade Bios

Biographies to Be Studied:  Third Grade Social Studies Austin Independent School District (Texas, USA)

Pierre-Charles L'Enfant --Washington, D. C. 

Benjamin Banneker 

Benjamin Franklin --11 min. video with captions. --11 min. video with captions --printable crosswords about Ben Franklin --biography --passage and quiz. --passage and quiz --animated bio. --Free trial or with AISD password.

Daniel Boone 

Christopher Columbus --ships log --Christopher Columbus --bio and multiple choice quiz. --bio and multiple choice quiz. --animated bio. --Free trial or AISD login.

The Founding Fathers --George Washington --Thomas Jefferson --George Washington --Washington's letter to Continental Congress --John Adams --Thomas Jefferson --Washington --Washington --Washington --George Washington quiz and bio --Thomas Jefferson --Washington/Valley Forge --Animated Washington bio! --Free trial or AISD password. --James Madison, Father of the Constitution --John Adams. --Thomas Jefferson 

Juan de Onate 

Henry Ford 

Mary Kay Ash 

Wallace Amos 

Milton Hershey 

Sam Walton 

Helen Keller --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captions. 

Clara Barton 

Ruby Bridges 

Military and First Responders --About Camp Mabry Military Forces Museum in Austin
visit to Camp Mabry --Old Donald Duck World War II army movies
All About Military DVDs ( or subscription service that has them)
Pebble Plus U. S. Military easy reader picture books --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captioning.

Hector P. Garcia 

James A.. Lovell 

Harriet Tubman --Underground Railroad map --Underground Railroad --underground railroad game --Underground Railroad maps --Lessons, exercises, and links to resources --Underground Railroad information. --quiz and passage --quiz and passage --Free trial or AISD login.  Use closed captioning. 

Juliette Gordon Low 

Todd Beamer --Free movie about September 11th.

Ellen Ochoa 

John "Danny" Olivias 

The Four Chaplains 

Kadir Nelson 

Tommie dePaola 

Phillis Wheatley --Wheatley bio

Carmen Lomas Garza 

Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Bill Martin, Jr. 

Jonas Salk 

Maria Mitchell 

Cyrus McCormick 

Bill Gates --bio connected with a documentary about development of the PC

Louis Pasteur,1,0,0 --lesson plans for biography projects. --how to write a biography
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